Bonded Warehousing

By providing access to bonded warehouses and offering Removal In Bond (RIB) services, we help clients manage their cashflow by paying import taxes only when goods are ready for sale or use.

We operate depots within Zambia which offer bonded warehousing services.

Our specialist warehousing team is are able to handle loading and offloading, storage, re-packaging, order fulfilment, Removal In Bond, as well as pallet and carton distribution.

We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and ability to understand every customer’s needs. We have capacity to handle a variety of cargo types, including liquid and break bulk cargo, so please do not hesitate to get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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Our company is a perfect fit for clients in the manufacturing business, mining industry, general traders and any operation that requires the transfer of goods and equipment around the globe and within Zambia.

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